Latest issue;

Peer paper MAPS issue 4, plays with the act of folding maps, kind of confusing but taking you on the right journey in the end. With the beautiful insert 'DISTANCE'.


Issue 5 is in the making, follow the making of at - Peer radio -


Peer paper is a periodical publication that sits AMIDST ART & WRITING. Focussing on the the creative process of art in all its forms, albeit visual or textual.


We publish once or twice a year and each issue is made from scratch, looking for the best format to suit the theme. Per issue we collaborate with a guest editor.


Peer paper works with artists that have held Open Ateliers through our Platform programme, cementing their thought, research and experimentation approaches toward their 'final' presentation on paper.


Moreover Peer paper works with open calls and by reaching out to creators that fit the issue's subjective.

Coming up issue 5 April 2018.
We invited artist Marta Colpani to be the guest editor and the theme will be Creative process.


Throughout the making of this issue we will record our conversations & meetings an edit these into podcasts. So you can follow the making off from scratch > print through your headphones.


-listen here-

Present time station 2017, Marta Colpani