Peer paper is a magazine that sits somewhere AMIDST ART & WRITING. Focussing on the processes of the creation of art in all its forms, albeit visual or textual, Peer paper works with artists that have held open ateliers at Peer's public location, cementing their thought, research and experimentation approaches toward their 'final' presentation on paper. Moreover Peer paper works with open calls and by reaching out to creators that fit the issue's subjective. Scroll down for more information about current and past issues and on what, how and where to SUBMIT.

The 4th issue of Peer paper focuses on ‘Maps’. Maps speak in a visual language we’ve all learned to read but also talks about something universal, a sense of ‘place’. And how we connect to that place.


The physical shape of this issue plays with the shape of fold-up maps and how you use these. But also works to house the rather large insert ‘Distance’ which was made during the workshop; ‘Distance as time, distance as sound, distance as words’.  The workshop, led by Marta Colpani, was part of her A.I.R. at PEER in the summer of 2016. The work started out to be about real distances but soon became about the interaction between the workshop participants.


Also featured in this issue: Esther Brakenhoff, an artist who regularly features Maps in her work, talks about her work process. A studio shot by Alexandra Hughes. The project ‘Screengrab’ from the photographers-duo WassinkLundgren, which is still in progress but already makes an appearance. London in a drawing by Rachel Ichniowksi, an endless list of ‘a truckers load and her journey in Europe for one year’ by Diana Tamane which is a portrait of her Mum who became a truck driver after her enterprise was bankrupt, and a navigation through the medieval world with art historian Jitske Jasperse. Throughout this issue you find a story, taking you on a journey leading you to more short texts by Marie Groothof whom we coupled with moving image-maker Lisette Olsthoorn, which resulted in their first collaboration. The short texts, combined with photo’ s, describe a passing moment in time and space with the woman, the man, a little boy or the girl–it could be about anyone and anywhere. They zoom in so much that something ordinary becomes slightly abstract.


Each feature is really about people and perhaps their personal borders, but the pitch-black starry cover, photographed by Bertus Dronkers, blurs the borders out.





Published by Stichting Peer Paper Platform201711.2x10.5 cm + insert 69x75.8 cm, folded to 23x10.8 cm

PAPER maps

PAPER NOTES              BOOKLET 1                   BOOKLET 2                                BOOKLET 3




Peer paper notes issue 3 comes in a triptych,- for this issue we created three booklets out of content loosely based on the theme notes. In an attempt to make something very private public, the artists & writers open up and share their thought process even more than in our previous issues.

To write notes is to take notice of the world and everything in it, your thoughts are still uncensored and everything is possible. Notes are a treasure pit of ideas, dreams and the start of new projects. Artists & writers like to keep them close, but now we get a peek into this world where the magic happens! GET YOUR COPY HERE


Peer paper NOTES issue 3


Filled with sketches, thoughts, works & ideas by the likes of Typex, Annemarie Vink, Jorieke Rottier, Antosh Wojcik, Susan Barnet and many more!

Cover image: by cartoonist Typex from his Notebook made during his research on Andy Warhol, 52 pages


Contact/Separation by Patrick Sampson


Weeks after the sudden death of his Mother in 2015, Sampson realised that two of the only photographs he ever took of her lay on two rolls of undeveloped film at his home. In this essay, Sampson transcribes his feelings and apprehensions towards seeing these images for the first time and uses the process to come to terms with her death.

Cover image: Patrick Sampson, booklet made in collaboration with Kay Brugmans, 28 pages.


Conversations by Alina Lupu


Over the course of two weeks at Peer, Lupu recorded a series of public conversations with art professionals where they spoke on the topic of “setting up” -- a situation, a show, a publication, a career. Their words merge into a single conversation throughout the booklet; browse them at will, from beginning-to-end or from any moment you like.

Cover image: Annabelle Binnerts, 28 pages.





Peer paper words issue 2 is the second issue of artist's paper and platform Peer, situated in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Our second issue is all about words, albeit visual or textual, and includes a reflective essay by Alexandra Nicolau, short stories by Zack McDonald, Dale Stean, Jeroen van Honk, art projects by Bernke Klein Zandvoort, Marta Colpani, Olivier Oosterbaan and Kianoosh Motallebi, visual features by Geran Knol, Martijn Petrus, Hiromi Kawasaki and Griet van de Velde, a collaboration with I.R.P. zine and British literary journal Structo. Part of the paper’s content is based on events that took place in our project space.


17 cm x 24 cm

115gs cocoon silk paper

200 varnish cover

100 % recycled

84 pages



Stack Magazines

Structo Magazine




Peer paper matters issue 1 is the first issue of artist's paper and platform Peer, situated in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Our first issue is filled with theoretical essays, short stories, artist’s reflections and visual art - including contributions by I.R.P., Heidi de Gier, Alexandra Colmenares-Cossio, Alexandra Hughes, Marie Roux and Devlin Cooper. Part of the paper’s content is based on events that took place in our project space.


17 cm x 24 cm

114gs cyclus paper

250 matt laminate cover

A5 70gs insert

84 pages + 20 page insert



Stack Magazines



Glamour (offline)






Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Charlie + Mary

Pantheon Boekhandel


The Hague

Lief Hertje en De Grote Witte Reus


Koninklijke Bibliotheek (n.f.s)



New York

McNally Jackson

Quimby's Bookstore NYC










Ti Pi Tin









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Submit to Peer paper issue 4, due December 2016.


Deadline October 15th



a maximum of 4 A4 sheets

font size 12


critical of literature, art, culture or society

optional: focus on the process, experimentation and research in the creation of art or literature



you'll be following our previous pass the baton

use a maximum of 1.000 words

pdf format

font size 12




purely visual or creative writing, or a combination

3 - 6 pages in total

page size: 17 x 24 cm


CMYK full colour or black and white





image or text

17 x 24 cm

jpg black and white


pdf when submitting only text


a maximum of 5 I.R.P's an artist when submitting

1 I.R.P will be chosen per artist