Peer's open workspace is a place where artists work, research, develop and showcase by way of OPEN ATELIERS and EXHIBITS. Scroll down to read more.






FRI & SAT 10 - 18

SUN & MON 12 - 18

Peer is open to the public from Friday through Sunday to enjoy a cup of coffee, homemade lunch, a piece of cake or a nice Amsterdam-made cordial whilst having a look at the artist's and magazine's thought, experiment and creation process. Peer makes art accessible by showing more than just the finished product, and instead unveils the journey underneath. At Peer you are invited to attend innovating lectures and readings, visit interesting exhibitions and see the artists at work in the Open Atelier.


By being a public space Peer offers everyone a unique insight into the thought, research and creation process of both the various artists in residence and the Peer team working on the curation of the programme as well as their MAGAZINE; Peer Paper. Peer uses the location as a workspace, and with coffee as a red thread the location is kept as accessible as possible.


At Peer's location, and in their online SHOP, you can purchase various small publications, beautiful stationary, special postcards and magazines. Peer also sells locally made cordial by DD Cordials per bottle, in varying flavours such as elderflower, tonic, bitter lemon, cola and orange.