Peer is a nomadic initiative in print & real life. We set up Open Ateliers in collaboration with different locations, in which we create a place for artists to work, develop and exhibit. With the programme set up in advance Peer offers the public a wide variety of word and image: including exhibitions and performances, artist residencies, lectures, presentations, workshops and launches. Peer offers everyone a unique insight into the thought and creation process of the various artists in residence. In our online shop, we sell various publications, postcards and affordable art projects.


Peer paper focusses on image and word. Its various features are linked to our platform's programme. The features display the processes of research, thought and creation of the artists that have either exhibited at Peer platform or have been an artist in residence. Peer paper's aim is to show image and word through a different context, and to take art of its pedestal by making it accessible in showing more than just the finished product. Peer paper is critical of art, literature and culture.




Stichting Peer Paper Platform



KvK | 64171299

RSIN | 855554009

IBAN | NL67TRIO0391032798


Algemeen Beleid Stichting Peer Paper Platform (.pdf download)


Financiële en inhoudelijke verantwoording:

A | Ons eerste jaarverslag en financiële verantwoording zal in januari 2017 verschijnen (na ons eerste boekjaar dat van 22.9.15 tot 31.12.16 loopt)

B | Ons eerste inhoudelijke verslag (met begroting tot 31.12.15) is verschenen in januari 2016


Kala Newman | director

Kala Newman (1983) is an exhibition maker, and a fine artist who focusses on photography. She graduated from the HKU in Fine Art and Fine Art Media, and from The Slade School of Fine Art London. She founded The Proud Otter as a daily platform before it merged with Goodbye Horses to form Peer.


Leslie Dronkers | chairman

Leslie Dronkers (1980) is cordial master and co-owner of DD Cordials. He is freelance chef and fermentation curator at Mediamatic, Amsterdam.


Ruud van Rijsdam | treasurer

Ruud van Rijsdam (1976) graduated in Small Business & Retail management, and is currently experimenting brewing his own beer.


Renée van Schijndel | secretary

Renee van Schijndel (1985) is drama, art and cultural studies teacher at Arte College and dramatist. She graduated from HKU for her Bachelors and from HKA for her Masters in Art Education. In her work she aims to connect the arts with non-arts.


Stephanie Prinssen | member

Stephanie Prinssen (1967) is freelance text and web editor and on- and offline communication consultant. She graduated from UvA in Text and Communication, does Raja Yoga and immerses herself in orthomolecular nourishing.


Camille Verbunt | member

Camille Verbunt (1968) is visual artist, cineast and potter. He graduated from the Academy St. Joost, is director at Meatwork, creates installations and video-art and specialises in glaze chemistry.


Berber Bosch | honorary member

Berber Bosch (1991) is legal ninja, specialised in intellectual property, technology, media and communication law. She graduated from UvA for her Bachelors and is currently following a Masters Degree and working as freelance legal consultant.