december exhibition: slut's wool

december open atelier: Jörn & Alina + THE MACHINE

november exhibition: INERTIE DE L’ÉCHO

october open atelier: INERTIE DE L’ÉCHO

september exhibition: NOTES

august exhibition: Distance as time, distance as sound, distance as words

august open atelier: Rearranging America

july reading: PRINTTHEFUTURE

july open atelier: Distance as TIME, Distance as SOUND, Distance as Words

june open atelier: CONVERSATIONS

june exhibition: MOMENTS

may exhibition: Kings & Thieves

april/may open atelier: ANNEMARIE VINK, MOMENTS

april open atelier: Langzaam en Overdreven

march open atelier: The Happy Research

march event: Peer's Re-Opening Party

The Machine

alina lupu & Jörn Nettingsmeier

open atelier: 02dec - 23dec

exhibition: 05jan - 30jan
opening: 05JAN 17:00 - 20:00

jam session: 08JAN 14:00 - 18:00


We’ll let the two introduce themselves and their project:

We are Jörn Nettingsmeier and Alina Lupu, with combined backgrounds in music studies, fine arts, computer science, psychology, theatre, as well as audio engineering and design. It’s an odd set of skills which brought us together, along with a wish to make projects which reach out and offer a different spatial awareness as well as awareness of overall context to our public.


During a month-long residency we  aim to be researching, testing and building a collaborative distributed musical instrument – a sound machine for interaction.


Our collective instrument has the potential to trigger small, temporary (“for a day”) communities which are figuring out game rules in an open space, communities born out of the understanding that it’s only through interaction that complex ways of expression through sound can be born.


Made possible with the kind support of Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst.

slut's wool


touring exhibition 13 - 22DEC


Het project Stofpluizen is een lofzang op stof. Op 11 locaties in en rondom Amsterdam worden zuilen geplaatst waar stof onder een microscoop te bekijken is. In november en december 2016 is het project te bezoeken. Kijk hier voor actuele data


Stof is alom vertegenwoordigd in ons leven – alles ontstaat uit stof en zal weer stof worden. In haar verscheidenheid vormt ze haar eigen universum. Ook de geschiedenis van stof is ongekend. Zo wordt ze 157 keer genoemd in de Bijbel, is ze een graag geziene gast bij rituelen en dichten aloude sprookjes haar magische krachten toe. Echter is het heden ten dage niet meer dan een nietszeggend bijproduct geworden dat wordt opgespeurd, opgeveegd en gedeponeerd bij het vuilnis. Dit project brengt een ode aan het stof om mensen de kracht en schoonheid van stof te laten herontdekken. Op zuilen, onder microscopen wordt het stof van 11 uiteenlopende locaties tentoongesteld; van museum tot kerk, van kapper tot basisschool, van boerderij tot scheepswerf.


De stofpluizen zijn op locatie verzameld en verwerkt in een laboratorium in Nagasaki Japan. Daar zijn ze op sterk water gezet, vermengt met paraffine, tot vier micrometerdunne plakjes gesneden en gekleurd met uiteenlopende chemicaliën.

open atelier: 29SEP - 29OKT

exhibition: 30okt - 27nov
opening: 30.10 14:00 - 18:00 with artist talk at 15:00

finnisage: 26 - 27 NOV, with a  'Sugar Talk' sun at 15:00.


For his residency at Peer, artist Jean-Philippe Paumier, will create an installation in the form of an anechoic chamber in Peer’s basement. For four weeks Paumier will work on building the exhibition and you’re invited to follow his process in research, experimentation and building. The installation will consist of a complete take-over of the walls, floor and ceiling with a material that absorbs all sound.


With the installation Paumier plays with Peer’s location as quiet oasis in the heart of the urban environment of the city. In creating a hide-out Paumier will attempt to emphasise the peculiar elements of urban noise, modifying the visitor’s perception of sound, and amplifying their experience of space. Quiet, introspection and meditation are key.


We also have a beautiful selection biro- pen drawings by Paumier on display. The drawings are professionally framed and for sale for prizes between 250 / 300 euro.


"As an artist I prefer small sizes and simple shapes, objects, shapes and textures play a crucial role in my drawings . In the process of drawing, I concentrate on free associations of objects and I try to create  unexpected and curious combinations which seem random at first but once the drawing is finished they shape the story.

For this series, for example, I used images of old-fashioned beverages and sweets packaging, French cookies, bleach logos or symbols from the

Freemasonry. The result is a polyphonic and graphic puzzle. Also to be found in

this series is my slight obsession with food."



Made possible with the kind support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst.


exhibition 31AUG -  26SEP


Most of us write notes; whilst we do this we are constantly making a very resourceful treasure of ideas for the future.


NOTES stand at the starting point of great ideas, wild dreams, and big projects, which makes our scribbles worth more than we might realize. They give a beautiful insight into a creator’s mind, they help you think and develop ideas, see connections that you might not have noticed otherwise, and help you make sense of all the wild ideas twirling in your head.


We dedicate the month September to NOTES with three different exhibitions.


Notebooks: the basement will be dedicated to notebooks from artists, designers, writers, etc. Visitors are allowed to flip through all the notebooks, a one-off opportunity to dive into the maker’s thought process.


Rearranging America: upstairs we will display work by Devlin Cooper, who is occupying our Open Atelier in August. His work, visually inspired by “ransom notes,” are poems made with Facebook threads, which are cut up, rearranged, and presented on found wooden boards. The exhibition tackles the current state of America leading towards the elections later this year.


Window Notes: a live performance by Mako Ishizuka. The windows at Peer will be filled with her notes during the opening. The artist will be taking notes in public, communicating private trains of thoughts with all the random passers-by. With the performance, Ishizuka is playing with this notion of private versus public in the windows with an obvious hint to the surrounding area.
Made possible with the kind support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.


Opening the 31st of August 16:00 – 20:00

Group show: Distance as time, distance as SOUND, distance as WORDS.
exhibition 7AUG - 29AUG


In "Distance as time, distance as sound, distance as words," Marta Colpani's installation shows us a storyline throughout the space, and how she and her workshop participants experience their surroundings in Amsterdam by exploring physical distances in the city. The project is part of her residency at the Open Atelier of Peer Paper Platform and is kindly sponsored by the AFK and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds.


During her residency, Colpani invited 6 people from different disciplines to research how their identities relate to their place of residence: Amsterdam. The starting points of their research are the walks from their front doors to Peer.


The participants in the workshop are artists, ethnologists, writers, and video artists: Marta Colpani, Elisa Fiore, Esther Brakenhoff, Dorin Budusan, Leslie Newhall, Liesbeth Wiegers, and Annemarie Cilon.


OPENING 7.AUG 15:00-19:00


Rearranging America
open atelier:3aug - 28aug


Devlin Cooper is a writer from Boston, United States. After several years of contributing to local journals he began submitting his work to writing blogs, one of which was Goodbye Horses - the precursor to Peer. After touring his country for several months with a friend, he published his first long-form piece, Six Moments in America, to positive acclaim. He frequents a local watering hole and poetry slam, the Cantab Lounge, where he reads his work to an audience of Cambridge hipsters and literary folk. He is currently working on his first novel, and a collection of short stories and poems.


For his exhibition and throughout his OPEN ATELIER at Peer, entitled Rearranging America, Boston writer Devlin Cooper uses Facebook comments - written mostly by Americans, with a healthy portion of foreign opinion - to capture the current social climate during the presidential election. After monitoring the comment sections beneath posts about controversial current events, he screenshots the most compelling ones, cuts them into little pieces, and throws those pieces in a giant bowl. Random handfuls of “cut ups” about myriad topics became poems that explore the complex relationships between Americans and their political policies. Contrasting views on mass shootings, presidential candidates, homosexuality, heteronormativity, foreign policy, rape culture are a few of the pressing issues that blend together in his meandering poems. By mounting the poems on concrete objects, he attempts to ground the abstractions of the American social divide. Though distinct, words and objects will coexist in this exhibit as a reminder that policies often reside in a separate realm than the lexicon that accompanies them.


Made possible with the kind support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

reading 14.JULY


The Future is an Amsterdam based experimental publisher, whose main goal is to make ideas from any and all disciplines public. Though, they work through various mediums, making installations, exhibitions, and creating / initiating exchanges and collaborations, all their projects always lead to books.


A topic that has been occupying The Future for some time is what the role ought to be of the “publisher” today. They will address this question by going through their past work, and speaking about why and how they exist.




Distance as Time, Distance as Sound, Distance as Words

Marta Colpani
open atelier 6JUL - 6AUG


Marta Colpani will be our artist­ in ­residence for four ­weeks. During this time she wants to open up her current research Distance as Time, Distance as Sound, Distance as Words to a larger group of people, by inviting them to participate to the process itself of producing visual work, rather than only as viewers. A final exhibition of 4 weeks and a publication will be the results of group work. Colpani & Peer will invite 10 participants living in Amsterdam to partake in her work process: to engage physically with the space of the city starting from their own personal location and perspective. With a combination of readings, screenings, individual walks, group discussions and the production of an exhibition and a publication, we will research as individuals and as a group what the physical experience of distance in the city does to us, and how it can bring us closer to an understanding of our place and identity in our living environment: the city of Amsterdam.


For more information about the series of workshops, prices and how to apply  see the DOWNLOADABLE PDF.


Made possible with the kind support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

open atelier 16JUN - 26JUN


Due to an unexpected gap in our calendar Peer has invited artist Alina Lupu - and author of the book ‘You, Asshole’ - to occupy the studio throughout June. At the same time Alina is working towards her Rietveld Academy Graduation Show on display the July 6 - 10. There, her project Visit Conditions, will showcase an approach to art from a viewer’s experience.


At Peer Alina will use the studio by looking at the artist’s experience in, and towards, the art scene. She will conduct a series of public conversations with professional artists on the topic of what it means to ‘set up’ – albeit a situation, a show, a publication, a career. You’re invited to witness these artist’s conversations, as well as keep track of their documentation that will be presented in the studio.


Please keep your eye on our Facebook for the dates and artists that will strike up conversation with Alina.


Please contact Peer if you are an artist, albeit visual or textual, and would like to be part of a conversation:


Made possible with the kind support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds

exhibition 1JUN - 26JUN


For the exhibition 'Moments' Amsterdam based artist Annemarie Vink painted 'borrowed moments', captured by you - the public - on camera. The stills depict situations from daily life, small details that have caught the artist's eye. Like a pile of clothing, flowers on a dashboard or a little collar with shiny buttons. Each tell their own story, personal to the photographer but one we all recognise.


Vink blows up the images and zooms in. Inspired by materials, texture, light and colour she re-lives the moment of taking the photo through oil-paint on paper or card board. Some works are made quickly on cardboard, trying to catch the moment in the painter's movements, while some are more detailed: studies focussing on materials and light. The paintings are accompanied by text, again borrowed from those who took the stills. The paintings were all made during her residency at Peer in April.


OPENING 1.JUNE 17:00-20:00


Made possible with the kind support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds



exhibition 8MAY - 29MAY


Kianoosh Motallebi presents a new video titled Kings & Thieves. Through a process of appropriation, the work creates a setting in which distant languages, symbols, glyphs and logo's coincide in a new timeline. The video is part of an ongoing research by the artist that was initiated by the history of the Phaistos Disc. This enigmatic object, discovered in 1906 on the Island of Crete, contains the only example of an ancient Minoan language. Throughout the decades archeologists and other experts have attempted to decipher the text it contains, however a lack of contexts has made efforts all but futile.


OPENING 8.MAY 16:00-19:00

open atelier 13APR - 7MAY


Amsterdam based artist Annemarie Vink will use Peer to paint borrowed moments, captured by you on camera. She blows up the images and zooms in. Inspired by materials, texture, light and colour she re-lives that moment of taking the photo through oil-paint on paper.


The moments depict situations from daily life, small details that catch the eye. Like her sons morning coffee, flowers on a dashboard or a little collar with shiny buttons.


You can send in your moments to or visit Vink during her open atelier.



Made possible with the kind support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds


open atelier 21MAR - 10APR


For three weeks poet Marc Robbemond works on his third poetry pamphlet in Peer's open atelier. During his time at Peer he will continue working with existing poems, while at the same time using Peer as a word-laboratory, looking for, finding, and asking for new words that inspire new poetry.


His third publication will be published by Peer in the near future.


Made possible with the kind support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds


open atelier 2MAR - 13MAR


Just imagine: two people in windbrakers with clipboards amidst a mass of tourists. They look like they'll be asking you to donate, they'll try to interact. But rather than take, they give: happiness. Wanderers will be asked about positive experiences, and will be invited to break down their protective barriers. Every day The Happy Research's performers will hit the streets, and you're invited to watch them in action as well as to visit the exhibit the week after. All the prep will take place in Peer's open atelier - scripts will be written, costumes will be tried and coffee will be served. Pop by to break with anonymity, share in happiness and attempt to interact.


The Happy Research, a theatrical experiment in the Red Light District, is a project by dramatist and teacher Jurjen Johan in collaboration with Peer.


Sponsor: de Gemeente Amsterdam




We'd like to invite you to toast our new location at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal 133 the 11th of March kicking off at 19:00. There'll be drinks, snacks, music, tours (yes, that's how large our new home is!), perhaps another improvised speech, beautiful publications to buy and if you're lucky a little glimpse of a dancing otter and hare!


Kicking off the 2nd of March is THE HAPPY RESEARCH, a social experiment spreading happiness and peace all over the Red Light District. It's findings and research will be exhibited during our grand re-opening.