december competition: SIXTY Reviews

december open atelier: It's Hard To Die

november event: Recital Evening

october open atelier: Making A Magazine
october event:
Grand Opening

september exhibition: Where Butterflies Die

september exhibition: Der Tod


9.DECEMBER 17:00


For the course 'Women and Art' given by art historian Jitske Jasperse at the University of Amsterdam, 60 have students been asked to write a review of one of the following 6 exhibitions:


1. Collection 19th Century | Rijksmuseum

2. Dutch Self Portraits: Selfies from the Golden Age | Mauritshuis

3. The Couture Collection by Eva Maria Hatcheck | Temporary Fashion Museum Rotterdam, NI

4. Collection Surrealism | Boijmans van Beuningen

5. The Mirrored Eye: The Self-Portrait in Dutch Art | Museum Arnhem

6. Main Collection | Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam


Peer and Jasperse will pre-select 6 reviews from the 60. The 6 selected students of these reviews are invited to present their writing at Peer for the scrutinising ear of a professional jury, that will in turn select the reviews for publication.


The jury consists of Peer, Simulacrum magazine, Joke de Wolf - art reviewer Dutch newspaper Trouw - and Miriam van Ommeren - founder of De Optimist, freelance reviewer and art historian.


On the evening live feedback will be given by the jury to each contestant and one winner will be elected to publish their review in the first issue of the Peer paper.

It's hard to die

just another prophecy

25.november - 12.december


It's Hard To Die is a project inspired by harlequin novels and bad television series. The project is in first instance simple and easy to relate to, yet quickly turns to apocalyptic ruin.


Just Another Prophecy consists of Annica Muller and Barnaby Luke Savage, a young theatre couple that will use Peer as their laboratory to play with the medium of text. Throughout three weeks these dramatists will transform inspiration into text, resulting in a screenplay that will be read on the 12th of December by a group of actors.


The play resembles a soap series; a complex story with dizzying twists and turns. All characters are eaten alive by the very thing they tried to run from since the beginning: the nothingness. With this screenplay Just Another Prophecy aims to undress society's mechanics; faith keeps hitting this tragicomic hard - wild romances, true loves, heartbreaking emotions and ground-stopping cliffhangers. By baring humanity's deepest fantasies and lusts, Just Another Prophecy invites its audience to become part of them, by playing with the fine lines between accessibility and madness, and sympathy and egocentrism. When does beauty become hideous?


Throughout the residency Muller and Savage will utilise Peer as basis, where they'll be writing scenes, recording short films, and will be trying various characters on for size. The residency will be open Wednesday through Saturday.



12.DECEMBER 20:30


19.NOVEMBER 19:30


A varying line-up of writers - who work on prose, short fiction and other creative writing - will read out their works-in-progress. The audience is invited to give feedback, and help the writers a step further in their writing process whilst enjoying a drink.


The piece with the best audience vote will be published in our first Peer paper.


Line Up: Maurits Koelewijn (WINNER), Michael Pouwels, Naftalie Vader, Siemen Ingelse, Marc Robbemond and Heere Heeresma jr.




Have you always wanted to see what making a magazine looks like?


From the 28th of October until the 21st of November, Peer will be utilising its own location as their own laboratory - experimenting visually with different methods in creating their first issue of the Peer paper by taking over the space.


Peer invites you to pop on by for a cup of coffee and actively participate in creating the magazine on a peer-to-peer level. Peer will ask you for feedback and a helping hand, and in doing so help guide the first steps of creating the first issue of Peer paper. These edited texts and images will be printed in mini zines in editions of two, one for you and one for Peer.


No scraps will be left untouched.


Were you planning on submitting to Peer paper? Don't hesitate to drop by during our open atelier period and hand your submission in personally (deadline November 16).




Peer is an Dutch art foundation, an international platform for artists that focusses on the written word, the image and the process of creating art. Peer is situated in the Red Light District where its public location hosts OPEN ATELIERS, EXHIBITS and READINGS. Peer publishes a quarterly MAGAZINE.


Peer opens its doors at 19:00 and we'd like to invite you to join us for a drink and celebrate the future.



23SEP - 24OCT


Alexandra Colmenares Cossio has spent the past two weeks utilising Peer as her laboratory, originating her project entitled Where Butterflies Die. During these two weeks Colmenares has been collecting memories and experiences, objects and left traces. She has documented the tracing of her pathway - one short and fragile, like that of a butterfly. Through photography and installation the artist has created a dialogue between transience and rigidity. Like a butterfly the project is ephemeral and has evolved over a short period of time.


The individual installations are placed throughout the space in a similar manner to the experience of discovering them in the street: lending meaning and beauty to ready-made objects. Colmenares invites the audience to take part in her performance installation Ephemerist, fixing any ephemeral traces.


"Over the course of the last couple of years my work has been comprised by two different, yet complementary, methodologies. On the one hand I have been using photography as a medium to collect series of images in the form of a visual diary. This diary consists of imagery where randomness/immediateness is captured in different contexts and predominates. On the other hand, for various projects, I work with installations, usually ruled by previous actions, where time and space play an important role.


I address both practices in different ways: through light, the gaze, dust, fragility, the trace, the transformation process or the ephemeral I investigate various aspects that interest me. With each project I aim to question and find ways of understanding everyday life on a level that exists beyond reason and refuses definition. I usually utilise photography as starting point, as it is essential for me to understand photography as a valuable tool that doesn’t conform to fixed parameters. I am interested in exercising various inherent aspects within the means of photography in order to question its limits through reconsideration and expansion. In doing so I try to create an ongoing dialogue within the realm of the photograph, as well as with other media, such as performance or installation.


I seek ways of decoupling photography from its traditional medium by focussing my analysis on its phenomenological aspects - such as index, light and temperature - to capture reality in an aspect uncertain of itself, and surprising of its flip side."





13SEP - 20SEP


Der Tod, which is a work like a double-edged knife; a synthesis between on the one hand beauty and seduction, and decay on the other; finds a new home in a Dutch 'peeskamer'’- sharpening the knife even further.


The concert and installation 'Der Tod und vier Madchen' is a 40 minute presentation, and after having toured through the Netherlands, Heidi de Gier has adapted the exhibition to be presented in Peer from September 13th through September 20th. The projection has been shortened to a 20 minute loop.


"The work is a [...] presentation about transience. Der Tod is made especially for the performance of Schubert's 'Der Tod und das Madchen' by the Syrene Saxophone Quartet" (Heidi de Gier).


The installation will be playing on a loop all day long during the exhibition, which is open from Wednesday through Saturday.